What We Do


We have produced Albums, short Films and Movies. We have a number of media projects lined up.



Shalimar Productions Ltd is proud to announce its OTT platform "NJOYMAX". Stay Tuned





Our team of experienced photographers combines technical expertise with artistic vision to capture the essence of every subject, scene, and setting. From the soft glow of golden hour to the dramatic play of light and shadow, we masterfully wield the tools of our craft to create images that captivate the senses and stir the soul.


Remotes & Others

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4/3 CMOS Hasselblad Camera | Dual Tele Cameras | Cine Only Tri-Camera Apple ProRes Support | 43-Min Max Flight Time | Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing | 15km HD Video Transmission.

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· Pre Production Services

We give productions a head start by providing in-depth research and transparent budgeting. We then assist in permits, location scouting, multicity casting, travel & visas.

· Production Services

We source the right multilingual crew & technicians for the job. We have access to state of the art film equipment, production design & studio spaces.

· Post Production Services

We work with the finest post production houses in the region. We provide offline and online editing, special effects, animation, dubbing, sound engineering and music.

We Thrive On


Great Ideas

Create ideas that are path breaking. Ideas which stand out. Ideas which will take your brand to the next level.


Great Design

Designs which do the talking. Designs which will have a legacy in the entertainment industry for years to come.


Great Copies

Intriguing visuals and graphics with gripping copies. That’s how we make your very own thrillers.


Great Execution

Nothing complements a brilliant idea than an equally well crafted execution, great finesse, with world-class media and photography.